My name is Glenda

I’m from Indiana where I live with my husband, Rick; our three cats Luck, Murphy, and Bitsy; and our 2.5 y/o foster daughter whom we are in the process of adopting.

We’ve struggled with our finances since we were married almost 5 years ago. Rick’s been off work with medical problems more than he’s been on. He recently went back so that should help!

Our youth minister has done the Jonathan N. Glass program for years and recently gave a lesson on it. I’ve been plugging away with the envelopes since last summer. It all went to pot at least once and I had to “rob” everything from them for an emergency. We are working at it diligently once again.

I’m looking forward to hearing the ideas/challenges/experiences that everyone brings to the table!

If I knew who they were

they’d be mucking out the chicken coop right now with their face. When poo goes around, poo eventually comes around. Thanks for the thought about notifying the bank. Just trying to cover all my bases here.

I just received an email from what seemed to be Paypal

which said I had just sent $150 to someone I’d never heard of, for a watch I supposedly just bought on eBay. Knowing that I hadn’t purchased anything of the sort, I immediately logged onto my Paypal account (independent of the email) to see more details and stop the payment. But there’s nothing there. When I went back to the email, all the links are faked – the Paypal links and the eBay auction listing link all point to some goofy templates website. The seller link appears to be real and that’s who I supposedly sent money to. But again, my real live Paypal account shows no activity. What you know about – online service for payday loans? I’ll forward that email to Paypal’s phishing email so they can track it and go beat up whoever sent it (or whatever they do to phishers). Is there anything else I need to do with this?

Wooo HOO!

If you have got a plain white envelope from Chase bank that looks like junk mail, OPEN IT! The guys brought one in addressed to dh in today’s mail. I let out a gasp when I read the letter! It was for a class action lawsuit on our Chase card. It included a check that was over $420!!!! That is nearly about ¼ of what we owe for the taxes!!!! I am so excited. But now I’m curious, will I get one too? Because both of us had Chase cards.