Also, have you thought about having guest posts? (from Marin)

I would like to read more of “how to cook like grandma did” with back-to-basics foods. Step-by-step gardening and then putting food up. How to save money every-day ways. I know you’re more creative than the “don’t stop at the drive-thru on the way home” guys!!! I almost feel like we could all tell you a problem, and you could blog how to fix it!!


no it’s been almost a year I’ve been trying to figure all this out, so that is a very low payout for the time I’ve put in. However, I’m now getting the hang of it and just the writing part (and 3 clicks) earned $.56 yesterday. That total will go up as I get the photos and other things added to those posts. Not gang busters yet, for certain. But I am learning as I go and doing several tweaks today that should jump it up by quite a bit soon. You know what they say about the tortoise and the hare. It’s just going to take me time to develop it into that $100 per month (from your lips to God’s ears) and hopefully share good info with people.

I need to work on making the posts interesting enough that I get more followers, because the more followers I have the bigger my payouts. So if anyone has suggestions on things they’d like to read about all suggestions are welcome.