I agree completely!

With being older than a lot of folks on the list I merely have a bit more experience—some of it not so good. LOL! As to what you would like some of which I’ve already started on.
Patterson’s Pantry is mainly about scratch cooking and putting food by—there will be a lot more on food preservation and storage as time goes on. The actual recipes are on Patterson’s Pantry Recipes. An example is the Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Master Mix and recipes to use it I just put up this morning. I’ll be putting up more uses for this Master Mix later on today and tomorrow.
Mind Your Pennies is just that a budgeting and how to blog. Yesterday’s post on making your own fruit/house fly, wasp, flea and mosquito traps for zero dollars is an example of that. I’m planning on starting my series on gardening during the next week, which will segue to the food preservation that I’ve touched on lightly so far. It is my hope to add how to videos in the near future.
Guest posts—yes. I’ve already asked ds to do some sci-fi and horror reviews for me on Outside a Dog. There are numerous subjects I will be having guest bloggers on in the future because I simply don’t know the answer to a question.
My other two blogs are See the USA, the Mystery Shopping Way, which was my original blog and it is mainly on saving money while traveling and of course how to mystery shop and merchandise, with some of my short stories thrown in for comic relief. And finally the Princess Plan on how to declutter your home, your finances, your life.
I will be as you suggest, working more on scratch cooking and being frugal in the future because the economy is not turning around, despite what the news media will tell you in the same breath that announce 9,000 more layoffs and more and more people NEED the help that such blogs can give.
Cooking like Grandma doesn’t have to be time consuming, you just need the basics down pat.
I just thought about one guest blog I’d really like a certain person to write for Mind Your Pennies and will be contacting her immediately. More info to follow if she accepts.