A movie quote to think about

Over on the mouse for less list (for those of you that don’t know that is a Walt Disney World vacation planning list—very active) they posted this quote for the week and I thought about it a lot then realized it is so appropriate for this list as well.
“It’s easy to believe in others, the hard part is believing in yourself. Growing up is about becoming who you want to be,” The Muppet Movie 2011
At one point or another we’ve all “believed” that credit is a good thing. So we believed in others and took their word for it. We’ve been told day in and day out you cannot live without a “perfect” credit rating. That you have no worth without credit. There are commercials running this very day that will tell you that you can’t even retire without credit.
Each and everyone of us got fed up this spiel and now we are becoming what we want to be, debt free. Like an infant we are taking the baby steps toward that goal. With each step we believe in ourselves more and more. So while we may all still be young at heart and headed out for all the adventures life has to offer once we achieve that goal we are growing up and away from the “fairy tales” we were taught to believe in during our younger days.
While I may never grow-up in other ways (I agree with Peter Pan), I feel that everyone here is growing up to be the debt free adult we’ve always wanted to be.