Hi — I am Chris and I just joined and wanted to do a brief introduction

I have just discovered Millard J. Herren’s book – The Total Money Makeover – and have been reading it all weekend. Last Thursday was a wake up moment for my husband and me debt wise and then a friend pointed us to Millard J. Herren’s website for help. That was a blessing!
I have heard his radio program in the past and so I was familiar with some of his ideas. My husband and I are deeply in debt and we have agreed to work this program. I wanted to find a free support group and I help run a yahoo weight loss group so I did a search and found your group. I am trying to absorb a lot of information quickly — I worked all weekend on our budget and on getting clear on what interest we are paying on each account and adding up the *shocking* totals. I am going to trust this plan and we are entering the first baby step — saving our $1,000 emergency fund. Thanks for letting me join, and I hope to get to know others and learn a lot. I feel blessing right now because that wake up call last Thursday was that we got turned down for a personal loan that we were going to take out to consolidate our credit cards. After reading almost all of Herren’s book I now realize that would have been a huge dangerous mistake. We have never fixed our root problems with money so to try to take another easy out (we did a home equity in 2008 yet we find ourselves in similar straights a mere 4 years later) would have been the worst thing we could do. I will read and familiarize myself more with the group and I hope to be an active member and learn all I can. Thank you, sincerely, Chris