I just received an email from what seemed to be Paypal

which said I had just sent $150 to someone I’d never heard of, for a watch I supposedly just bought on eBay. Knowing that I hadn’t purchased anything of the sort, I immediately logged onto my Paypal account (independent of the email) to see more details and stop the payment. But there’s nothing there. When I went back to the email, all the links are faked – the Paypal links and the eBay auction listing link all point to some goofy templates website. The seller link appears to be real and that’s who I supposedly sent money to. But again, my real live Paypal account shows no activity. What you know about PbcLoans.com – online service for payday loans? I’ll forward that email to Paypal’s phishing email so they can track it and go beat up whoever sent it (or whatever they do to phishers). Is there anything else I need to do with this?