Sometimes you can’t get people to understand simple math

I tried once to get “the” sil to understand how much money she was wasting with rent-to-own places. I showed her the sale ads for washers and dryers—the objects she was getting ready to purchase through a rent to own place, at regular stores. I explained how many of the regular stores would also have scratch and dent items she could buy at even less. I even showed her how if she put that exact same “low rental payment” into a jar each month to save it how she’d have her units paid in full in just a couple of months instead of the three years they were promising her. She had access to washer and dryers next door to her at her daughter’s she could use for free during that two months, so it wasn’t like she was going to be spending money at a laundermat.
But she went ahead and purchased at rent to own—which repoed them 10 months later along with the riding lawnmower she got for her postage stamp yard for being late on her payment. So she not only didn’t have a washer, dryer, or riding lawnmower she was out 10 months worth of payments. Her response to my efforts. “You don’t know what it’s like to be poor, you’ve never been poor.”
You know she was right, I’ve never been poor. I’ve been broke, but never poor. I’ve lived in a two room house (not two bedrooms, but two rooms and neither of them was a bathroom—that was up the hill), I’ve lived in a one room efficiency apartment with a Harry bed coming out of the clothes closet, I have spent most of a year living in a canvas tent in pre-1840 conditions in weather extremes that would make you gasp, to pay my bills, I’ve done a lot and lived without a lot, but I’ve never been poor. Because poor is a state of mind, just like DR says.