Well it started out O.K…..sorta..

Woke up late and jerked DS10 out of a sound sleep, shoved him into his school clothes, threw his lunch together,and pushed him out the door to the bus in record time….he wasn’t impressed.
Had my 1st physical in …..lets just say it’s been a while I got lots of prizes! A script for antibiotics for a respiratory infection, an order for blood work & a chest Xray, 3 referrals to 3 specialists, a cortizone shot in the palm of my hand for my trigger finger (with a lovely bruise for proof!), and a slap on the hand for… for being a typical nurse and ignoring all of the teaching we do with our patients regarding monthly & yearly exams..
Then I went to brunch with my Partner In Crime (see post below), came home & started to decontaminate the disaster area that is my house….thats when it all went to hell.
The plumber just left.
Apparently Murphy has attacked with a vengence. The repairs can’t be tackled until tomorrow morning. Something to do with a clog in the main house drain to the sewer, an old cast iron cover that has to be cut off, and a large, heavy, boring machine…..I kinda zoned after I heard him tell Hubby $450..ish…